So a large portion of my friends have already had parties and have already all seen Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie through iTunes (some multiple times). I decided I’d rather wait to see it in theaters, especially since I knew there would be a Q&A in Atlanta. Well turns out there will be Q&As all over the place, so if you’re similarly interested in seeing the film, you should check the list and see if there’s a showing near you. Unfortunately half of them have already sold out, so you may well have to do something exceptionally gross to get a ticket in San Francisco, Chicago, or Philly. NY, LA, and Atlanta seem to have tickets left though, so hop on it if you’re close.

I have a feeling you already know if you want to see this movie or not, and I’ve heard nothing but great things from pretty much everyone who would ever be inclined to like a Tim & Eric product, and even from some people who typically wouldn’t. The Sundance buzz is divided but generally strong, and it seems like the VOD release has been a success so far (it broke into the top 10 on iTunes, at the very least), so it the comedy team would appear to be riding high. I’ll hopefully have an interview with them while they’re in Atlanta, so I’ll ask for myself. I’ve spoken with them before, and it’s been a little weird, so I’m looking forward another go at it.

So if you can’t catch a Q&A then check out the film on VOD now (their Facebook page will point you to the variety of options), or find it in theaters March 2nd, and then simply come back here for Tim & Eric questions…

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