one year anniversary before the release of The Golden Compass, the first film in the projected His Dark Materials trilogy! In honor of this auspicious occasion, New Line has launched a website for the film, which is filled with a bunch of pictures that haven’t been seen anywhere else, including Gyptians, Lee Scoresby and a look at what the Alethiometer looks like (and even how to read it).

While tooling (for anus) around the site, I came across something that bummed me out a little – the Church has been changed to The Magisterium in the movie. I guess this isn’t news to the kids who have been following this film’s production closely, but I didn’t know it until now. I guess it’s a good compromise – at one point Chris Weitz, the director, had dropped the whole religious angle from the story altogether. Which is nuts, because the whole damn trilogy was written as a refutation of The Chronicles of Narnia, and God himself makes an appearance in the third book. Maybe Weitz will change His name too, when they get around to that film.

Click here to check out the site, and to see what Daniel Craig looks like with a beard.