I imagine a scenario where the giant political cartoon drawing of Universal Studios as a small kid is banging his Stretch Armstrong on the ground over and over again amidst the wreckage of his Monopoly set, Magic cards and Clue game. Eventually it looses interest and throws the doll away haphazardly while little baby Relativity crawls over and picks it up. One wonders if Universal will get jealous and come demand it back…

In any event, Stretch Armstrong is now a Relativity property, as yet another partnership between Hasbro and Universal has dissolved, leading up to what will surely be an anticlimactic Battleship release. Virtually every development between the two companies has been dropped, with Universal even paying hefty penalties on some of them rather than moving forward. This move also pretty much dissolves the involvement of all key producers and players, including long-attached Taylor Lautner of Twilight (and NOTHING ELSE) fame.

Relativity is happy to have it though- they’ve set a new date for the “live-action tentpole” and will pursue new casting and production arrangements.

Is there anyone out there than can imagine this not being shitty? That’s really the fault of Fox’s Fantastic Four franchise, but Relativity has an uphill battle here.¬† I had one of the 90s Armstrongs as a kid and even the toy was boring after five minutes. The most fun I ever had was when my Dad and his buddies used a knife to cut the rubber skin off of him and I played with the hardened corn syrup blob for a while. Even his bad guys were more fun, and they actually made you do physical labor to play with them…

And will Fetch make a cameo? (I had one of these too).

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 Source | THR