"Lets do this already."

There was a whole lot of dragged ass last year as Fox contemplated how and how quickly to respond to the surprising critical success of First Class and the surprising everything success of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. And while the latter is in some form of active development for a sequel, not much that means much has been heard about a follow-up to X-Men: First Class, just a lot of “we’ll see.”

Frankly, today’s news doesn’t change any of that much, but word today at least confirms that Matthew Vaughn has put his name on legal documents that will ensure his involvement in a sequel, which also confirms that an outright sequel to First Class is Fox’s path. They had few other options, but that’s still good to hear since the films receipts didn’t necessarily indicate a renewed enthusiasm in the franchise, even if the buzz did. Hopefully Fox sees First Class as the X3/Wolverine palette cleanser it was, and are ready to blast away with an interesting, ambitious sequel (that will nevertheless be hamstringged by the bet-hedging conclusiveness of First Class).

Other than some throwaway suggestions that it would be totally super cool you guys if, like, Magneto had controlled the magic bullet because he was pissed off about the Bay of Pigs, there’s only speculation to be found suggesting where the sequel might go. Even Fassbender and McAvoy have engaged in some fanwanking about their character’s future in interviews though, so at least we know everyone involved is ready to tear into this again with lots of ideas. The other good thing is that the producers were not bashful about laying much of the film’s success at Vaughn’s feet, so hopefully he’ll be empowered to make everything as cool as Magneto’s Bondian material, and we can skip a lot of the silly teen bullshit. We’ll see.

Oh and Fox, get your fucking act together with the posters and marketing materials this time.

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Source | Deadline (via /Film)