At this point, if they can’t even get a decent Alien vs Predator game going, especially since the pretty damned fantastic template was laid down by the PC/Jaguar titles so many years ago, I don’t know how much hope I should hold out that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the one to deliver the Alien universe game the world feel like it’s been missing the point of holding its breath for. It’s also being developed by Gearbox who, while they haven’t put out anything genuinely awful (I’m gonna be nice and not lay Duke Nukem Forever at their feet), they haven’t set the world on fire with anything yet.

Then again, they did help Sega with that awesome Samba De Amigo Wii port from a few years back, so there’s that at least.

Colonial Marines feels like it’s been in development for a lifetime now, Gearbox bumped the game back to do some tweaking last year, which may very well be for the better, and at least now, via IGN, they have a fancy CG trailer to show for their efforts. And hey, Clint Mansell’s Moon score making an appearance anywhere is always welcome.

I do have minor hope. I just have this sinking feeling most gamers will just end up crying on Dead Space‘s shoulder when it’s all said and done.

Thanks to ryoken from the boards for the headsup.