I talked to Frank Darabont a couple of weeks back about The Green Mile special edition DVD, he mentioned that they were starting casting on The Mist. At the time there was a name that had already come up: part time Punisher Thomas Jane.

Recently UGO talked to Jane about The Director’s Cut With Cartoon DVD edition of The Punisher, and they happened to be on the phone with him while history was made:

UGO: Speaking of future projects, what’s the latest on you joining Frank Darabont for his adaptation of The Mist?
THOMAS: Well, I have an e-mail from Frank right here. Why don’t we open it and see what’s going on with The Mist? [reads] He says that he just heard my deal closed today and he’s happy and looking forward to working with me.

This reminds me of the time I was interviewing the late Jack Palance and he shit bigger than me. We measured it all up just to make sure.

Now that Jane is signed, expect to see more names announced as we get very, very close to the start of shooting.