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Studio: Warner Home Video
MSRP: $64.98
Rated: NR
Running Time: 687 Minutes
Special Features:
· Thundercats Ultimate Adventure (disc 12 only)

The Pitch

“Watch some steroid popping cats uphold justice, truth, honor, and loyalty!”

The Thundercats

Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, Snarf, WilyKit, and WilyKat

The Nutshell

Lion-O and the rest of the Thundercat gang are back, and they’re on a mission. They must leave Third Earth and become the protectors of New Thundera. Mumm-Ra and the Ancient Spirits of Evil have other things on their minds, though; as they’ll attempt to stop at nothing to destroy the Thundercats and everything they stand for!

Thundercats: brought to you by Frank Miller.

The Lowdown

Virtually every episode works by itself, usually beginning with a group of the Thundercats trying to solve the geological problems of New Thundera. They’ll stumble upon an ancient relic, Mumm-Ra catches wind of it and calls upon “The Ancient Spirits of EVILLLL!!!!” to infuse him with the power to do…pretty much whatever he wants. Mumm-Ra is defeated by Lion-O’s Sword of Omens or even the Ancient Spirits of Evil themselves, depending on how much time is left in an episode/how convenient it is to the plot, every single time. He always comes back with a laugh in the next episode, though. I started to wonder why Lion-O doesn’t just kill off Mumm-Ra for good, but then I guess it wouldn’t be much of a show. The end of every episode comes complete with a moral lesson and a bad joke, as well.

Not every episode involves Mumm-Ra, though. There are episodes that bring back the Mutants, the Loonitacs, and a host of other villains (and heroes) who return once in a while.

And for the fifth time that day, Panthro, Lion-O, and Snarf watched Episode 1.

I’m not sure how this show played to audiences back in the mid 80’s, as I was somehow not privy to Thundercats fandom. As of right now they play pretty silly, though that’s part of the charm of the show I suppose. The dialogue is borderline brilliant in how cheesy it is. Especially Lion-O’s, who gets to spout quips like “I feel naked without my Sword of Omens!” or “It’s the bookmobile!” The only character that doesn’t work so well is Snarf, a little furry creature with the most annoying voice this side of Gilbert Gottfried.

This dvd set also includes the lost "Thunderkittens go to Bespin" episode.

The main episodes that play off each other are found on disc nine. It’s a miniseries in five parts called Return to Thundera. It chronicles their first days back on New Thundera and as you would expect things don’t start out well. The Ancient Spirits of Evil have zapped Mumm-Ra, his dog, and his pyramid down to New Thundera to wreak unholy havoc upon the gyroscope that keeps New Thundera turning. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger, along with a little preview for the next one.

If you’re a fan of Thundercats, you’ll definitely want to pick this up. The repetitive plots get old real quick, but the dialogue and ridiculous supporting characters more then make up for it. Watch it in small doses and you’ll be fine.

So this is where Ridley Scott lifted that scene from Hannibal from…

The Package

It’s a nice set that includes six discs in three cases, wrapped in a cardboard case with a slick lenticular cover. The picture and sound quality is top notch. Every “Thundercats, HOOO!!!” is sure to rattle your speakers. The set has nothing by way of special features aside from a worthless game that involves watching three episodes on the last disc with special subtitles on that give you clues to a word game. The final disc includes a few trailers for upcoming Warner Bros. DVD and theatrical releases as well.

Panthro got the short end of the stick when he was
bestowed the Salad Server of Omens.

7 out of 10