all suspected as much, but now it’s official: JJ Abrams will be captaining the Starship Enterprise on its next adventure in space. The guy behind Alias, Mission: Impossible III and, to some extent, Lost, was long involved as a producer on the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise, but directing wasn’t confirmed until a recent piece in Variety.

Also confirmed in that article: the next Star Trek isn’t scheduled until 2009, which actually feels like it might be the right amount of time between installments to actually get the taste of the last one out of our mouths. Previously the Abrams Star Trek (I’m hesitant to say “reboot” because no one has actually confirmed that) was slotted in for 2008, but IGN suspects that delays on the writer’s side of things are pushing it all back. A major motion picture waiting for a script? What kind of nonsense is this!

JJ Abrams looks to have a bright future in directing sequels to movies based on TV shows. Maybe after Star Trek he’ll move to Sgt. Bilko 2: The Quest for Peace.