We’ve heard a good bit about one of the Linda Lovelace biopics lately, as a flurry of casting updates broke during Sundace for Amanda Seyfried’s currently filming Lovelace project. As I mentioned alongside the news that Demi Moore was departing while Chloe Sevigny was joining that cast, not a lot has been heard from the other Deep Throat-centered film, Inferno. That project began as an Anna Faris vehicle way back in the 2007 pre-strike days, before being handed over to Lindsay Lohan for a period of time and then finally falling into Malin Akerman’s lap. But while Lovelace is in the midst of filming, barely a peep has been heard from Inferno in some months.

When asked about it, Ms. Ackerman did the non-committal-but-encouraging dance while speaking with MTV at the Sundance Film Festival, maintaining her interest in the project, talking it up, and of course emphasizing that it could co-exist with Lovelace. She also calls Inferno “dark” about 40 times

“It’s very dark. It would be delving into some dark, dark places. It’s very much about an abused woman and what life is like being in that situation. Of course it’s a little bit daunting when you have somebody out there already doing it, but at the same time, it becomes more of a challenge. It’s exciting. This will be a bit darker, and crazy, but beautifully written. I really do hope we have the opportunity to do it.”

She’s also promises she’s not making a porn (“you can go to the eks eks eks store for that” …adorable) which may have been ill-advised. I’m not really sure the best way to give your stalling project traction is to promise “dark, dark, dark” drama without any of the sex the story revolves around. Checks get signed faster when investors are erect, be they morally questionable boners or not. Just a thought.

Ultimately though, the beginning of her answer displays obvious skepticism that the project will get off the ground, with her suggesting that the existence of Lovelace necessitates the Inferno producers shit or get off the pot.

“Either we have to do it now, or we have to let it go. That’s one of the potentials that might be happening within the next month or two. We’ll see.”

I think its days are numbered with such a star-powered rival already rolling cameras, but if the script really is good then I hope they work something out.

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