Spielberg’s spent the last couple of years attaching himself to projects and then walking away. When he’s at his best, he can be attached to as many as 46 different films in any given week. One that he keeps coming back to, though, is a biopic about Abraham Lincoln, which would star Liam Neeson as our most rail-splittingest president. We’ve been reporting on this project for literally years now – he keeps flirting with it and then backing off.

Spielberg’s on a little hiatus, but if Neeson’s current activities are any indication, he may be starting up that Lincoln film sooner rather than later. Says New York Daily News gossip column Rush & Molloy:

Liam Neeson is prepping for his role as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s film about the Great Emancipator. Neeson toured the New-York Historical Society’s exhibit "New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War" and attended a lecture by "The Gettysburg Gospel" author Gabor Boritt …

Now, Neeson’s been ‘prepping’ for this role for some time, but here’s to hoping that Lincoln is the next picture Spielberg works on, and not Indiana Jones Needs An IV.