As some of you are aware [not many, as I’ve kept this on the sly], in addition to Meg and 11 Colonels ATTACK! I have other projects in the works, some as a producer and others as a writer. In October and November, we shot the movie Grizzly Park in the mountains of Virginia, a film I am a producer on. A horror film. An old school horror film shot on 35mm with a real 1,500 pound bear and some really fun and great folks in cast and crew. You’ll be seeing quite a bit more on that soon as genre press and others start to become part of the first wave of people to share details with you. We’ll have some here on CHUD, primarily a very cool journal written by Dane Walker… but until then I want to extend an invite to the folks we may have missed in our initial salvo.

From the missive we sent out on MySpace today:

"The film I recently produced, Grizzly Park (starring Glen Morshower of 24 and a host of talented and gorgeous of Hollywood’s next wave) is nearing the end of the editing stage and this Thursday we’re entertaining members of the press who are in Los Angeles or have representatives in Los Angeles to see select footage, chat with the team, get some fun swag, and line up a few exclusives.

If for some reason our PR gent Carl Cunningham has been unable to reach you, please email and set up an appointment. I think it’ll be a lot of fun and we need to break this puppy to the world finally.

The plot centers are eight very troubled young people sent to do community service in the California forests with a very wise and strict park ranger. Unfortunately for them, not only is a fugitive serial killer roaming the woods but so is a 1,500 pound Grizzly Bear.

It’s old school, funny as hell, and with some really nice moments of grue. Come see us!"

If you are a member of the press, print, web, or otherwise, send an email to us to set up an appointment!