With Potter (and subsequently all the shitty fantasy rip offs) out of the game, it’s time for the studios to return to their golden age roots and start digging into the other best selling book of all time: the bible. John Boyega may not be the most badass Moses around for long…

At present we have Paramount shelling out for Darren Aronofsky’s long-sought +$100m Noah epic, while Legendary pictures will more than likely release Paradise Lost from its current budget-based hiatus sooner rather than later. Warner Brothers is also on the train with plans to empower Mel Gibson’s blockbuster Jewish apology epic (pulled from Catholic texts, oddly) about Judah Maccabbee’s revolution against the oppressive Greeks. And yet with the film from Legendary (who will inevitably partner with WB) and their own Jewpic, Warner Brothers still isn’t satisfied with their biblical slate and looks to carve one or two more (out of stone)… and if The Beard is as interested in signing on as Deadline claims, then they’ll be bringing Moses back to the big screen with a capital B.

The idea behind Gods And Kings is for a hard-edged biopic that covers Moses life from river to mountaintop, with all kinds of fun army-gathering and war and stuff in between. While not a remake of Ten Commandments, the studio obviously hopes to remake that classic’s billion dollar haul (give or take some inflation). Spielberg has long been interested, but with the conclusion of photography on Lincoln has apparently looked at the deal more seriously and is close to signing on. If he does and Warner Brothers gets their way, he’ll be taking a script from Stuart Hazeldine (Paradise Lost) and Michael Green (Green Lantern, Kings) and turning it into a Saving Private Ryan-style blockbuster with gritty, groundbreaking epicry.

This film would follow Robopocalypse, so it’s still several years off if Spielberg signs. Still, I wouldn’t mind having an ancient combat epic from Spielberg to look forward to. Would you?

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