Thanks to Graham Chapman’s poorly timed and totally annoying death the collective known as Monty Python is incomplete. Also scattered to the winds are the living members with Terry Gilliam tilting at creative windmills, John Cleese being tall and amazing, Eric Idle thinking he’s all that, Michael Palin testing cultural projects, and Terry Jones being the fat one. Jones also happens to be the one who holds things together, though he’s more often known for being forced into women’s clothing and being less funny than the others. Which means he’s probably the most valuable one.

We should hope so, because he’s uniting the gang in a new film he’s directing. Yep, the Pythons are back.

Sorta. Actually it’s their voices. As aliens. Oh and Robin Williams is voicing a dog.

Where are you going?

The project is called Absolutely Anything, and it combines live action and animation (hooray for Osmosis Jones and Cool World!) and features the Brits + Gilliam as aliens who empower a regular human with the ability to change the world. With comic results. So says Variety.

Bottom line is that regardless of venue it’s good to see these guys working together (the oft-irritating and difficult Idle has yet to sign). Even if the hirsute fuckwit that Robin Williams has become is involved.