casting sheet has come out for the sequel to the 2004 hit Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, and it reveals a bit of interesting information. Will America’s two favorite stoners be making a trip Amercia’s capital? Let’s take a look, shall we? But be warned, spoilers are ahead.

President George W. Bush: Late
40s-Early 60s, Male. Seeking the most authentic George W. Bush
actor/impersonator who can carry significant comedic scenes opposite
Harold and Kumar

Big Bob: 30s-50s, Male. He is an enormous, grungy-looking
guard at Guantanamo Bay. Intimidating and dumb, he’s looking forward to
making life particularly unpleasant for the most recent arrivals –
Harold and Kumar

Colton: 25-32, Male. A
good-looking, Ambercrombie-wearing politician’s son, now engaged to
Kumar’s ex-girlfriend. A jet-setter from a privileged background, he
has political aspirations of his own. Lead.

Raza: 25-40, Male. A very wealthy Persian player on the Miami scene, he
is a friend of Harold and Kumar, first seen throwing a wild party in
his Miami beach house. Cool, hip, and laid-back, he lets Harold and
Kumar borrow his car so they can drive to Texas. But first he’d like to
see the guys get into the spirit of the party. Lead

Raymus Jones: 30s-40s, Male, Caucasian. Raymus is a Southern hillbilly,
out shooting in the woods when he runs across Harold and Kumar. Despite
his redneck appearance, he’s living large – with all the perks of
modern technology in his modernized farmhouse. Hospitable and
gregarious, with a lovely wife (who also happens to be his sister),
Raymus tries to make the boys feel at home. Lead

Raylene: 30-40s, Female, Caucasian. An appealing, Southern woman, she
is married to her hillbilly brother Raymus but is cosmopolitan by
comparison; warm and gracious and only too happy to open her lovely
home to Harold and Kumar. Strong Supporting Role

So…Guantanamo Bay? Southern hillbillies? George W. Bush? I guess the boy’s aren’t heading to Amsterdam, as was originally planned. Regardless, it better be as hilarious as the first film.

Note from Nick: Contact me when they make Harold and Kumar Go the Fuck Away.