Mondo, inspired by the apes in a franchise they love so much, decided to squeeze a whole bundle of new Planet Of The Apes screenprint posters into their hands and subsequently toss them all over the web! The a-year-in-the-making posters only cover the original five films of the franchise, ignoring the Burton film and last year’s rebootquel, though the folks behind Mondo would apparently love to do a Rise poster soon.  Fans of the franchise will surely find at least one poster to love, but this is a set for real Apes fans as it is going to be sold as a whole-kit-and-kaboodle poster set sold for $230 dollars, along with the bonus “Go Ape!” poster. Each print is 24″ x 36″ and are part of editions of between 295 and 415, depending on which one you get. Here’s the bonus poster you get with each set…

…naturally there will be some straggling individual posters that they will sell later and you will not be able to click “BUY” fast enough to actually obtain. These days Mondo customers are like fast-food contest winners… you assume someone won the million dollars from the side of the Taco Bell cup, but you’re unlikely to ever know. I’ve been lucky to get a few Mondo prints in the past, but these days it has only gotten harder and harder and I’ve long since given up hope whenever I see a new cool release.

The rest of the posters you can see below as thumbnails that link to the respective sites that premiered them. If you like what you see and care to try grabbing the enormous set, keep an eye on MondoNews to find out what time tomorrow (January 26th) you’ll be able.

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