I hope whatever Deep Throat-related films end up getting spat out are worth a shit, since there’s been a ton of ink spilled, deals made, deals broken, misreported casting, and more assorted nonsense surrounding them for some time. Lovelace has ruled the news lately since it’s, you know, actually filming and even managed to wrangle original cast-member James Franco to join back on in a rather ostentatious cameo about a month ago. Yesterday was a loss though, as Demi Moore–set to play the role of a Gloria Steinem, famed feminist writer and activist–had a very public episode made of her trip to the hospital for “exhaustion.” There are plenty of rumors that there’s a drug problem or other nasty fallout from her split with Punk’d, but regardless: she’s out.

It must have been a bummer for the casting folks to have to scramble to start filling that role again, as they had just managed to fill the role of another feminist writer in the film with actres ChloĆ« Sevigny. The journalist that Sevigny will play enters the story to investigate “the real” Linda Lovelace at the behest of a men’s magazine. The exceptionally not bashful actress (and fashion industry veteran) comes off of a very successful (Golden Glove-winning) run on Big Love and the many independent projects in which she’s starred. Sevigny joins and Moore departs a cast that includes folks like Sharon Stone (as Linda’s Ma), Robert Patrick, Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria, and lead actress Amanda Seyfried.

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Source | THR