movie posters are the best thing since the Earth was built by aliens
and left cooking in the sun long enough so people thought they were
civilized and followed the rules of a God.

Let’s just say
this… if there is a God, chances are good that he made his daily wage
designing polish movie posters. The image to the right is from the
Polish poster for Critters,
and it’s not even in the top 100 most fucked up Polish poster designs.
Those guys must be onto something that makes absinthe look like Fresca,
because they constantly blow us away with their own special brend of
retarded brilliance.

Justin Waddell (Kevin Matchstick on the
message boards) and myself spent a lot of time laughing our asses off
last night looking for random images to serve as our own Polish movie
posters and we still constantly come in second place to the real deal.

here’s our latest recurring column. I really hope you guys dig
it, because we have a blast doing it. If you like it, let us know, and
by God if you find some great ones let us know. I think we’re on the
path to righteousness but you just never know…

Note to critics: We
love Polish posters. We know they’re better than ours, but we feel this
column has two values: Showcase hilarious and brilliant Polish posters
and allow us to share silly pictures we find. That’s as deep as it gets!

Installment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Discussion for this column awaits right here.