"What are you talking about 'Patrick Dempsey isn't dead, so no you can't have it in your contract that each of you get fragments of his skull in your trailers'...!? That's fucking bullshit. Man up WB."

Well, we can see now why Joe Carnahan wasn’t able to get The Grey off the ground with his original casting choices, which would have had Liam Neeson and company pursued by a gang of rabid comedians that we now know fetch almost $50 million together as a trio!

This a bit of inside baseball detail that comes with reports that The Hangover 3 is actively gearing up, with the stars negotiating their contracts so a shoot can begin this summer. THR has found out the particularly juicy gossip that Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galfianakis have entered negotiations with their arms locked together and a $15m pricetag hung around each of their necks, and that they are more than likely to get it without a struggle. This is apparently triple their $5m paydays from the Hangover II, though that netted them much more money on the backend as well, and far above their original $1m salaries for the first film.

THR rightly notes that Warner Brothers is going to be happy to pay this as they’re soon entering a market with fewer money-printing franchise machines. With Potter gone after feeding them billions for the better part of a decade, and Batman soon to go dormant for some amount of time, a hit that has shown itself able to top half-a-billion worldwide is a valuable commodity. Memorial Day 2013 will be a nice time to get an injection of a few hundred million dollars. The Hangover is a true phenomenon and is likely to remain so, especially once people catch wind that the third film will be doing new things…

There seems to be some confirmation that the script will fully ditch the set-up of the previous two, and that it will also ditch an exotic local and simply take place in LA. Makes sense… when $50m goes out the door just to get the three stars in the door, you’re likely not eager to finance drunken antics in Rio de Janeiro or whatever.

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