the Ghost Rider have a catchphrase? Something he says when he turns from Johnny Blaze, stunt bike rider, into a flaming skulled demon? I know “Flame on” is taken, but you would think that a 1970s Marvel Comics character would have a catchphrase of some sort. I only ask because the site for the Ghost Rider movie has launched, and there’s no tagline that I can see. Could I recommend “This February, Hell is gonna pop a wheelie!”?

The site’s pretty impressive, actually, with a bunch of character bios and stuff, and two games, one of which, Hellfire, has me wiping out hilariously every couple of seconds. You can also get a wallpaper of Sam Elliott’s giant, grizzled head, which I think makes every dime spent on this film ultimately worthwhile. You can also get a Donal Logue wallpaper, but I think that makes you some kind of pervert.

Click here to visit the official Ghost Rider site.