spent some time drinking and gambling with Narc and Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan in Lake Tahoe about a month back and I learned some things about the guy: he’s got great taste in movies, he’s funny as hell, he gets infectiously excited about his films, and he doesn’t pull his punches. This guy will give you no bullshit unlike too many other directors who spend all their time playing politics.

So who better to have a blog than Carnahan? Smokin’ Joe Carnahan is his new blog, and it’s launching right the fuck now – you can click here and check it out. Joe has turned to CHUD for help in getting the blogging ball rolling, and he’s asking for your questions that he can answer on his blog. Consider asking him his blackjack secrets – I’ve never seen a guy come back so quickly from so deep a hole.

By the way, there’s a new trailer out for Smokin’ Acesgo revel in the violence here. I’ve seen the film, and it’s a helluva blast – and it’s going to change your whole opinion of Alicia Keys, believe it or not. The movie has the kind of cast that makes movie nerds weep, and it opens on January 26th.

Send your questions to me at, with Smokin’ Joe Carnahan in the subject line, and I’ll pick the best ones to pass on to Carnahan.