The way this trailer is cut for Joe Carnahan’s badass The Grey, it makes it seem as if wolves are just really not fans of naughty language and are willing to commit bloody violence to stop it. I’m glad they cut this trailer, because I had not yet processed the wolves-as-MPAA subtext of the film yet.

Hopefully you don’t need this trailer to convince you to see the film, but if you’re still on the fence, take it from me that it’s pretty goddamn awesome. Still, this isn’t a bad trailer, even if it’s still underselling some of the poetry of the film while overselling the glass-knuckled wolverine image (which I’m telling you right now, you really don’t want to hype that up for yourself… it’s not what you think).

Apologies for the iffy embed quality. HD setting without full-screen isn’t bad.

The Grey: Redband Trailer – Watch More Funny Videos

I’ll have some cool interviews in the next day or two with a few of the gentleman from the film (I couldn’t book a 1:1 with any of the wolves, and fuck a roundtable with a fanged creature), as well as a Tag-Team review.

Frankly, I damn near put The Grey on my Top 15 of last year (in at least an honorable mention spot) before I remembered that it was a January wide release, if that tells you anything. Something about a lean, exciting, lightly artful survival movie just really hit the spot. I like this Joe Carnahan fellaA-Team is all fun and good, but he needs to keep making ‘em like this.

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