For those in the cheap seats who weren’t paying attention to the big sloppy verbal makeout session I had with the game here, let me reiterate: Rayman Origins is brilliant.  Just pure platforming, cartoony joy. For those who haven’t yet joined the love train, but especially for those who have, Giant Bomb was good enough to post a short, but sweet look at the folks at UbiSoft waxing nostalgic about the game characters history, the obvious, gleaming, wide-eyed love they had for platformers, and all the fun of making this thing, including an all-too-brief look at the making of the game’s soundtrack (which needs to get pressed to a disc, post haste), including the Sea of Serendipity ear worm of awesome I went on about before.

Anyone not already on board with one of the decade’s best platformers, this should sort the rest of you out. Much thanks to comrade-in-arms Stewart Smith for the Facebook heads-up.