It was definitely a shocker when James Wan’s Insidious turned out to be one of the more successful (financially and critically) horror films of last year, even if it was a thin year for the genre. I liked the film, as many did, even if there were some issues towards the end and some of the nuttier funny stuff poked a few too many holes in the tone. Wan proved that he can handle more than deathtraps and puppets with the film though, and I think it’s safe to keep an eye out for his next effort to see how he grows from here*.

Wan will next be tackling material that seems well within his wheelhouse, as it tackles the story of a few true-life paranormal investigators and demon specialists looking into spooky events in a Rhode Island farmhouse.

The story is based on the real life tale of the Perron family and their ordeals in the 1970s. When New Line acquired the pitch from the Hayes, it included life rights to the Perron family and the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

As you can see, the specialists are actually a husband and wife team, which is certainly a weird set-up. Along with the interest in paranormal investigators, Wan will also be pulling one of his leads from Insidious over to this new project as Patrick Wilson joins on to play Ed Warren. New to the Wan family (but not new to awesomely bizarre horror flicks) is Vera Farmiga, who will play Lorraine. The film will get started shooting in March if all goes to plan.

I’m not sure if they intend this to be a straightforward horror film, or another “spooky” movie that combines horror and silliness. I’ll straight up have no interest if it’s a serious-face flick, as there is nothing more ridiculous than paranormal investigators, and there’s almost no chance I could take such such a story seriously. You?

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 Source | THR (via JoBlo)

*While I was at SXSW last year, I caught Mr. Wan in the lobby of the Alamo Drafthouse while a screening of the film unspooled. I’d seen the film and interviewed the film the previous week, so I said hello. From that short conversation about his hopes for the audience reaction and the nervous way he was pacing the lobby, I can say the man definitely puts his heart into his work and has a genuine love for entertaining. That’s a good thing, considering he’ll be making a lot of ‘em for several more years through his massive 8-picture deal. Fingers crossed they’re more Insidious than Saw.