There’s a classic motif in film that has a magazine rack or an outside newsstand being covered with publications all bearing the same person on their covers. Marvel has even employed the mechanism in Iron Man, as it’s a nice concise (though lazy) way of suggesting BUZZ and CULTURAL IMPACT. It’s a thing that never happens in real life (unless a political figure dies or gets historically elected), but The Avengers may actually kind of manage it as Empire is gracing their mag with five different Avengers variants that will hit stands on Thursday. Four are dedicated character covers that look pretty classy and certainly show EW how its done, but the fifth is a floating head composite (that is still a little better than what EW has done).

Inside the rag you’ll also find a few new (utterly inconsequential) stills from the film, which is due for another trailer (hopefully with some more scope and completed effects to it) and hits theaters on May 4th.

I’m curious what Marvel fans will be hoping to see in the next trailer? There seems to be a pretty serious effort to keep the villains secret on the part of the cast and crew, though that cat has long been out of the bag. So while you may not see many over-sized digital chins, are you hoping for more looks at Loki being villainous? More Stark snarking? Perhaps some action that doesn’t involve a single city block and cars flipping? Let out your wildest hopes and dreams for our next look at the Avengers crew in the comments below.

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Scans via JoBlo