of just bumping the one article for the CHUD Podcast,
I’m going to give each installment their own so that we can build this
thing up a little better and keep it fresh. Of course fresh isn’t
exactly on the menu with these shows due to the meandering craziness of
them, but you get my drift. To listen to this show directly on CHUD, click here.

#17 – You Talkin’ Pilgrim History?

This may be the least invigorating Podcast we’ve done, but it sounds nice because it’s presented in FUCKAROUND! One fuck in the left speaker, one fuck in the right, and another fucker right down the middle. That’s right, you are welcome.

Seriously, I’m glad we’re back. More to come.

And hey, we need Chewer Voice Mails for future shows, so please call us at 1-678-827-0940. You have a 3 minute recording window.


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