only thing keeping a full-fledged 80s revival from happening is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s job as the governor of California. Bruce Willis is filming Die Hard 4, Sylvester Stallone has a Rocky movie hitting in a few weeks and starts on a Rambo film next year, and now Eddie Murphy is returning to Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop IV.

It’s been 12 years since Beverly Hills Cop III sucked the series to death, but that’s not stopping producer Lorenzo diBonaventura from resurrecting the franchise. "Axel Foley is one of the great action-comedy characters, a character that Eddie loves. I’m lucky enough to help bring it back," di Bonaventura said. "This genre is missing from the landscape."

Obviously it’s early in the development process for the film, but current plans probably are to bring Beverly Hills Cop IV into line with Murphy’s recent output by having him play every character in the film. With the magic of make-up and CGI he’ll play his own uptight white partner, a hilarious Asian gangster, an entire cell of Al Qaeda terrorists and a giant fat sassy black lady. Eager to try and get a role in the film, Judge Reinhold will be crossdressing as a hooker and asking for a ride home.