Couldn’t resist. Motherfucker looks like Riddickman with that cape (though I had to blow it up to make sure that wasn’t just the Grimace lurking behind him).

I’ve yet to catch up with Chronicles of Riddick, despite loving Pitch Black. It’s just been tough to get excited about seeing the character get enveloped in a big space opera that I know isn’t well liked after enjoying the claustrophobic intimacy of the first film for so long. If the cape and gauntlets are any indication though, the more melodramatic qualities of the second film will not be entirely absent from this entry.

Still, it’s fun to see this actually materializing after so many years of talking and hoping from the principle duo. Now Diesel can finally run around in his “magic” costumes and be fulfilled, and hopefully we’ll get a cool sci-fi flick out of it.

Oh, and Vin, next time maybe throw yourself in front of a decent background for your iPhone pic. Or just go full out and pull a Myspace angle with the mirror in the bathroom…

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