I wish I could have used Super Troopers: Troop Harder, but Kevin Smith ruined it for all of us…

To say that I love the Broken Lizard boys is an understatement. I fuck the Broken Lizard boys. Not literally, but my loving for the Broken Lizard flicks is so tender that a viewing never fails to wind up with hot Italian creation whizz taking it to the skies. Fucking love ’em.

My DVD review of Beerfest arrives this week, along with it no shortage of ‘bation, but in the meantime there’s a few juicy bits of news over on MTV’s website and color me surprised when a click over there didn’t make me hate the very essence of mankind and more than I already do. MTV still causes a little sicken to form in my throat just at the mention, but I survived despite the assault of audio, video, and whatever other intrarape they dished out during my brief stay.

Anyone who complains about the ads at CHUD.com need to go over there sometime and rip your vortex out. Granted, they’re successful and we’re… nifty.

Here’s some choice bits from their interview with the Lizards, the rest of which you’ll have to discover for yourself if science doesn’t deem you unworthy and incinerates you through the MTV site with some odd hybrid of Macromedia Flashwave and the Hanta Virus:

"We’re talking about it. We’ve always planned on it," Lemme said of "Super Troopers 2," a sequel to the 2001 cult flick that made them Hollywood power-players a decade after they met as Colgate University students. "[At the end of 2001’s ‘Super Troopers’], the Super Troopers were left without jobs. So, we’re trying to figure out if we’re going to pick up where that movie left off."


"Introducing a hair-raising prequel idea for the clueless cops, 33-year-old Lemme revealed a second plotline they might instead indulge. "We have [another] idea to go back to 1977 and play our dads," he grinned. "We’d have a whole bunch of new stories, where we have bigger mustaches and hot rods."

…and this was the first time I’d heard of this:

"Lemme, meanwhile, is making plans to follow in the footsteps of "Dukes of Hazzard" director Chandrasekhar by overseeing his own, separate quasi-"Troopers" spin-off. "I might direct something called ‘Run for the Border,’ which actually stars the three stoners from ‘Super Troopers,’ " Lemme revealed, referring to actors AndrĂ© Vippolis ("Stateside"), Joey Kern ("Cabin Fever") and Geoffrey Arend ("The Ringer"). "They try to pose as Mexicans to gain some employment, they get deported to Mexico and they have to try to get back across the border."

It could be a lot of fun and though there seems to be a whole lot of recent Lizardhate, these guys have earned whatever a movie webmaster considers "trust".