The killer bear sub-genre has been pretty stagnant for some time now. At one point there was Leslie Nielsen fighting a bear in Day Of The Animals, a killer bear as a land version of JAWS in William Girdler’s Grizzly, good ol’ Kathadin from Prophecy, and Bart The Bear who fights with Anthony “AHMINA GONNA KILL THE MUDDAFUCKA” Hopkins and Alec “Did You Put A Camera In The Back?” Baldwin in The Edge.

Now there’s word that a new killer bear movie called Red Machine will star Thomas Jane, James Marsden, and Billy Bob Thornton and will be directed by David Hackl, director of Saw V.

Plot crunch is as follows.


“Fully financed pic centers around two estranged brothers (Marsden, Jane) who reconcile on a camping trip with their girlfriends. Once in the remote wilderness, however, things go horribly awry when they are attacked and relentlessly stalked by a horrifying grizzly bear — the Red Machine. Thornton will play a legendary bear expert and hunter.”


This sounds pretty exciting and Thomas Jane brings his A-game to most of his genre outings (Dark Country is a really great underseen little Twilight Zone-esque film). Marsden is a reliable character actor, and Billy Bob Thornton as a legendary bear hunter? I’M IN.

I only hope it can even remotely match the greatness that this is.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting