I think it’s safe to say the Muppets are back, or at least much closer to the center of Rashida Jones’s popularity chart than they were. With The Muppets cracking $100m (the first of the series to do so before inflation) and widely receiving good reviews, Disney won’t be dragging their asses getting the movie out on home video and coursing across the tubes on VOD. March 20th will be the day you can grab the film on your various pods and pads, while in stores you’ll find the now-traditional Disney combo pack that has both the Blu-ray and DVD included.

Of course, they’re being a bit sneaky and including the digital copy that often comes with Blu-ray discs on the special “Wocka Wocka” edition that also includes the soundtrack. Thing is, I would imagine most Muppets super-fans already have that soundtrack.

Apparently the disc includes “the longest blooper reel ever” and other production-diary type special features, as well as commentary track, and a new pause function that will actually have the Muppets making cameos whenever you decide you need an “intermission.”

There’s also a deleted scene that I’m not so sure about- an extended version of Chris Cooper’s rap song that explains the origin of his hate for the Muppets. I felt that scene was precisely the right length to be surprising and funny without getting embarrassing, but maybe that’s just me. That said, it will be interesting to get a glimpse at some of the material that was clearly supposed to be in the film and left it with its breathless and occasionally choppy pace once excised.

If you care to pre-order the film, please do so from us! You can get the Blu-ray with the soundtrack and digi copy from us right here, or you can get the standard Blu-ray here.

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