No the film is not actually called Cinema Reloaded (awwwwwww, raspberries) but hey look! Keanu Reeves made a movie about the twitter argument I have every day*!

The topic of film vs. digital remains a contentious one, even as the writing on the wall has gone from being mere graffiti all the way to a sign made of (reusing my own term here) GIANT, EXPLODING, NEON BEN-HUR-LETTERS. There are still those that just don’t think digital looks as beautiful as film, or that perhaps the transition is happening a hair too fast but as Kodak files for bankruptcy (this morning!), camera companies fully cease production of film cameras, and Technicolor/Deluxe restructure to minimize losses on their print-striking businesses… well there’s just not an argument to be had anymore, unless it’s about aesthetics rather than industry trends. I’m kind of forcing the narrative I see onto Keanu’s film that I haven’t watched, but it would take real hardcore spin to conclude that digital isn’t on the cusp of marginalizing film completely. And considering the expense, multiple processes, and infrastructure necessary for film processing, I’m not sure it’s even going to be able to maintain a vinyl-like life on the fringes.

In other words: you can absolutely argue that film shouldn’t die, but it would be disingenuous to argue that’s its not in the middle of doing so.

That said, this short trailer promises a documentary that gets opinions from some of the biggest filmmakers on the planet, and acknowledges both sides of the digital, film, and even 3D arguments. James Cameron, Chris Nolan, Wally Pfister, Dick Pope, David Lynch, Steven Soderbergh, Walter Murch, David Fincher, Lars Von Trier, Martin Scorsese, “the glasses suck,” DSLRs… all the players are present. What’s great is that it looks like Keanu is conducting these interviews with a genuinely exciting curiosity and interest in the subject. I would imagine Mr. Reeves is a great documentary front-man (this was actually directed by Chris Kenneally), as he’s such a charming dude when he’s just himself. I can’t wait to see this.

The film has a nice website, twitter, and Facebook presence already up, and will debut at the Berlin Film Festival which begins February 10th. I hope I can find a place to give it a watch soon after.

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