Picture has been pulled. So sad!

I’m really looking forward to Michael Bay’s big and loud Transformers flick, and I’d be terribly surprised if it’s not one of the more fun and exciting movies of next year [and one of two with Glenn Morshower you should be excited about]. As longtime readers of the site know, and thank you for being so, I am not a fan of fake named "scoopers", but if the scoop is something I think you’ll dig I’ll make an exception. This is such a case.

Apparently, someone got a snap of a pic of a Decepticon in action and that’s unquestionably cool. I assume you’ll agree. So, what follows is the scooper’s missive as well as the pic. For the record, I personally like Tyrese.

"Hello Everyone,

I happen to have an old buddy who recently started at
ILM. For his sake, so he isnt fired and so he gets a funny fake name like
everyone else, lets call him Senovia-rm. He started out doing some
assistant work on the 3-D Nightmare Before Christmas and now is doing the same
on the Transformers movie. Not being the biggest transformers fan I am
uncertain as to which one is depicted in the picture but it looks pretty cool
either way.

Not much more to say except i hpe you enjoy this slightly fuzzy camera-phone
pic of a transformer chasing down that crappy actor/singer/model Tyrese
Gibson. Let us just hope it gets him.

Now i will join the ranks of the internet film imforment elite by giving
myself a fake name.


Sorry, man. I can’t. I’ll still share your picture though! Thanks for writing the email to Harry Knowles and just CC’ing use scrubs!