’s Labyrinth is one of my three masterpieces of 2006, and
it’s now playing in the UK
– so if you have bad teeth and drink your beer warm, there’s a good chance you
can see it in theaters this weekend. Us New Worlders will have to wait until
the end of December, though.

Bloody Disgusting is trying to make that wait less painful
with a new five minute clip from the film – but I have to say that I think
people who have not already seen the movie should avoid the hell out of this
clip. It’s one of the film’s best and creepiest scenes, and seeing it streaming
in a tiny box on your computer monitor in no way compares with the beauty of
experiencing it new on the big screen. 

If you ignore my advice and watch the clip anyway, be aware
that this is the sequence that really cements the story as a fairy tale – it features
a quest with seemingly nonsensical rules and a completely arbitrary deadline…
and a creepy monster that eats children. The monster from this clip, the Pale
Man, has actually shown up in my nightmares after seeing the movie.

Click here to watch the clip.