Last night I considered watching Spider-Man 2 on Fox, but opted for Jason X instead*. If I had watched the movie, I would have seen that there were a number of Spider-Man 3 clips attached to the movie, including some footage of Venom that’s familiar to those who were at Comic Con this past summer.

There’s also some “interview” footage with Toby Maguire (who, by the way, is GREAT in The Good German – he’s the most fun part of the movie) and Kirsten Dunst, but it doesn’t add much. Honestly, anyone who has seen the Comic Con footage or the leaked trailer earlier this month has probably seen ALL the footage that Sony is going to be releasing until right before the movie hits theaters, so there just won’t be that much exciting for them.

Click here to see the video, since I am so technically inept as to be unable to properly embed it. You would think just cutting and pasting the link on the YouTube page would be enough, but something fucked up happens and… well, whatever. I wasn’t giving thanks for my l33t h4x0r skills yesterday, I can tell you that much.

* I had never seen Jason X, and the DVD was on sale for five bucks, so I took the plunge. I can’t decide how I feel about the movie – it’s so terrible, but it’s trying to be so terrible. That said, the liquid nitrogen face smash is one of the best kills in the series, and anytime David Cronenberg gets skewered in a movie, that movie’s stock rises. But as I posted in a discussion thread on our boards, Jason X feels like Jason guest starring on Cleopatra 2525, but with a lower budget.