Today’s been a day for unexpected screenwriters selling scripts, and along with the pulitzer-prize winning author we can now add a breaking actor. Joel Edgerton looks to have a good year of success ahead of him following his breakout turns in Warrior, Animal Kingdom, and (shudder) The Thing (which have come after a decade+ of working in the business). But along with landing roles in upcoming films from Baz Luhrmann and Katherine Bigelow, Edgerton has managed to parlay his recent success into some attention for his screenplay One Night Stand, which has now been bought by New Regency.

The script apparently focuses on the aftermath of the titular event and called a “drama with comedic elements” nothing else about the tone or scope is really known. This also isn’t intended as a starring vehicle, as Edgerton will executive produce the film without starring. Without much more than a string of shorts to go on, it’s tough to say what kind of voice Edgerton might be as a screenwriter, but if he can bring half of the convincing humanity to the page that he can bring to a performance, then I’m interested. Joel’s performance is in large part the anchor that makes Warrior work, even though a heartbreaking turn from veteran Nick Nolte and the presence of budding megastar Tom Hardy have overshadowed him a bit.

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