I already liked the very Rosemary’s Baby-inspired poster for We Need To Talk About Kevin, but one has to admit that in this day and age subtlety doesn’t necessarily get you as far as it should. Considering We Need To Talk About Kevin is one of the most beautifully artful films of last year (and certainly this year so far), I’m happy with anything that will attract eyeballs and perhaps get more people seeing this great work, so I think I’m fully down with what they’ve done here.

It takes a lot of balls to market your film with an image as retro and borderline cheesy as this, especially when it’s a trying downtrodden drama about a mother and her deeply troubled son, centered around an Oscar-caliber performance from Tilda Swinton. I like it though, from the texture of the image to the typeface choice. It pushes the edge of taste for sure–it’s a bit tacky–but I think it’s effective. Nice one, Oscilloscope.

But seriously, don’t make it the DVD cover or anything…

The film starts in NY and LA across January, and then expands across the country over February and March. Check this page for a theater near you that might be playing it, and see it if it is.

Also, if you’re interested in reading a nice little interview with director Lynne Ramsay about why it took her so long to follow up on her indie success Morvern Callar and how she feels about The Lovely Bones, NY Times has you covered.

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