Jean-Claude Van Damme has been on quite the lucky streak. Sure, most of his stuff has gone DTV, but if you’ve seen his current output, you’ll know that he’s not just doing whatever to get a paycheck and pay off his bills. He’s done what is still a benchmark in quality DTV, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, and a 4th one is on it’s way, the biggest news is his playing the villain in The Expendables 2.

Now it looks like he’s going to throw down with Adam Brody of all people in a movie with the original title of Welcome To The Jungle.

Here’s the plot synopsis.

a ‘Lord of the Flies’-type situation unfolds, forcing Brody’s character to match wits with the power-hungry leader in order to rescue his co-workers. Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert, Kristen Schaal and Jean-Claude Van Damme

The most interesting news, is that this is going to be a COMEDY. I’m glad that this is happening, because Van Damme can be pretty funny in his movies. Even if it’s sometimes unintentional. For fun, check out the VAN DAMME SOUNDBOARD