week I resisted the urge to post the ten second teaser of the teaser for the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As much as I love the Potter films, the hype machine behind all of it has grown out of hand, and an advertisement for an advertisement sounds like some kind of dadaist gag.

But now that the actual teaser is here, I’m happy to link away. What’s interesting is that almost half of the running time of this very short piece of business is taken up by the Warner Bros symbol and ominous blackness. What’s left is jammed with some quick moments that give you a sense of how heavy and action-packed this movie is going to be. Noticeably missing: anything more than a hint of the final, climactic showdown between two of the series’ most powerful characters – I expect that to show up in the longer trailer that we’ll probably see next year some time.

Click here
to watch the teaser!