you go to the movies and see trailers, they’re usually “green band” – ie, they’ve been approved for all audiences by the MPAA. Much more rare is the “red band” trailer. That’s the one only adults should see.

We here at CHUD are very proud to bring you the red band trailer for The Host, the excellent Korean monster movie that I saw back at the New York Film Festival (click here for my review). The Host will be coming to American theaters in January, and I guarantee it’ll be some of the most fun you have at the movies in 2007.

In The Host a giant amphibious monster is terrorizing Seoul, striking up out of the river and eating people. A family who owns a noodle shop along the river loses their daughter to the monster, but they soon learn that she’s not dead – the beast is saving her for later. The quirky and dysfunctional family has to rescue the girl, but to do so they have to penetrate the quarantine zone around the river, as the authorities have announced that not only is there a man-eating monster loose but that he is the host of a mysterious viral agent.

Click here to see the red band trailer for The Host!