Hammer Horror has been a dormant brand for quite some time with the 1950s-70s heyday of the nearly 80-year-old studio is long behind them. Their planned reemergence has been a slow one, but the company looks like they have an ace with The Woman in Black. The trailers are effective, and I like that it appears to be a perfectly modern horror film without having ripped off some other particular modern horror hit or another.

The film is a scant few weeks away (hits February 3rd), and Hammer aims to up the goodwill for the post-Potter Radcliffe vehicle by aiming straight for that gooey spot in your brain that loves a cool image. They’ve done so by whipping up a nice throwback poster for Woman In Black made in the illustrative style of the 50s/60s/70s, which is a nice counter to their internet-specific motion poster.

It’s a sharp piece, and does a nice job of capturing the tone of the period. I’ve included some classic examples of Hammer one-sheets for comparison below, and you’ll see this fits right in.

As fun as the poster is, I’m still pleased the film looks to be its own new thing rather than a clumsy throwback. I don’t know about you, but I feel like mainstream horror could use a jump-start in a big way, and a studio like Hammer with something to prove might be a good source. Fingers crossed Woman In Black is solid, and that it’s a hit for the studio if that’s the case.

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Source | Den of Geek (via JoBlo)
Posters from HammerHorrorPosters.com