Consider me clueless, for I had no idea that there was a remake of Bob Clark’s Black Christmas coming out this fall, let alone one with the Morgan/Wong tandem behind the scenes [as well as 15 producers!]. Not that I’m surprised that Dimension is releasing a horror remake (with MGM), I was just surprised when this one sheet arrived in my mail bearing the unholy tagline: This holiday season, the slay ride begins.

Thankfully, the film features budding jeansplitters Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Crystal Lowe, and Lacy Chabert as well as Andrea Martin from the original flick. If you don’t have droolworthy leads in a slasher pic you don’t have a slasher pic. No one wants to see a movie about a serial killer who goes around slaughtering Linda Hunt and Anne Ramsey. Or do they?

The plot involves sorority girls getting it handed to them by a deranged [Bob Clark pun intended] killer. So, of course people will see it. Thing is: will it start a debate on our message boards about the return of the slasher movie and will there be anyone who rises up their bile to discuss the raping of a horror classic?

Here’s the poster: