’s some good news for fans not just of good horror films but good movies in general – Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, hands down one of my favorite movies I saw in 2006, is going to be hands down one of your favorite movies you see in 2007. Behind the Mask, which takes the form of a mockumentary (read my review here), is getting a pretty decent theatrical release from Anchor Bay – their widest ever, in fact.

The film will play in a dozen major markets starting January 5th, and I assume that it’ll head to home video soon after that. Obviously many CHUD readers live outside the top dozen theatrical markets and won’t be getting a chance to see this movie in theaters, but those people should really move. Maybe to someplace with indoor plumbing, or electricity. For those of you who live in civilization, I guarantee a fun time at the movies, if just for Nathan Baesel’s fantastic work as Leslie Vernon, aspiring slasher. And when the movie’s out, keep an eye open for CHUD in the advertising – I’ve already been contacted about using quotes from my review!