For a mere $6 (pardon, 60 Facebook Credits) you can now enjoy the exceptionally controversial uncut version of Tom Six’s second Human Centipede film.

The movie gathered quite a large amount of hype for itself before the black & white balloon kind of burst with big brown wave of critical dismissal that centered around the film being less excruciating than simply excruciatingly boring. If that hasn’t deterred you and you remain curious about the film first seen and banned in the UK, then simply hit the SundanceNow page to rent it.

I’ll be honest, much of the critical reception seemed to be a competition for which critic could trip over themselves first with apathy instead of disgust. The film is supposed to be as much a response to critics and fans as anything, so a lot of the response smacked of reviewers trying to “win” over the film and its meta-textual side. That said, I also have little interest in someone wagging their poo-stained finger in my face, very slowly for an extended period of time, especially when other filmmakers like Haneke have already done it so much better. This is admittedly one of those films that you end up seeing for the sake of seeing it, so I’ll probably exploit this chance.

In any event, the film is surely on the curiosity list for many people and it’s a good thing that the director’s version is available to anyone who wants to take the dive. It’s still a murky time for distribution, but I like that things like this are making some films so much easier to see than would have ever before been possible.

Watch one of the most controversial films ever conceived, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, as director Tom Six envisioned with the UN-CUT version exclusively available on the newly launched Social Cinema tab on the Facebook page.  
Social Cinema makes watching a movie a VIP Experience.  Get a look at exclusive content, behind the scenes footage, and watch the EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video of the making of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 poster when you rent the film.  Social cinema users will also get the chance to interact with Tom Six during a live chat event on January 27th!  Watch the film along with the director and find out what inspired him in the making of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2!
The opening night selection of Fantastic Fest 2011, the film ups the ante with a brute force unparalleled in motion pictures today. The iconic Dr. Heiter has inspired a real-life protege, the sickly, disturbed security guard Martin– who takes his gory inspiration from the original film to horrific new extremes…and one-ups the doctor with his pièce de résistance, one of the actresses from THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE), Ashlynn Yennie.

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