Okay, I’m not usually down with these silly little throwaway memetic trivia bits, but this one is just too left-field to ignore (plus I’m not seeing it smeared all across the film sphere yet).

So basically a Silent Hill forum user stumbled upon a very subtle, obscure influence on the first Silent Hill video game… and of all things it’s Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Kindergarten Cop (’90). He demonstrates the connections–which range from replicated signage to actual enviornmental design elements–with a set of comparison photos, which I would be willing to bet only scratches the surface of what there is to find.

Take a look for yourself:

From the look of the big stuff at least, this seems legit. And frankly, the only explanation you need is that some game designer or another had an affinity for the Schwarzenegger comedy and used it for reference when it came time to design the school i the game. That explanation strikes me as much more plausible than someone pulling this prank out of their ass…

What a hilarious little discovery for us all these years later though. I hope more things like this start popping up soon. I’d love to find out the hidden design connections between Turok and The Accused.

Source | The Escapist (thanks to Jessica Larkin!)