The Tomb is a little action flick about a security expert trapped in prison of his own design that’s been traded around town for a few years, and may have finally settled on its principle participants. What’s funny is that the project was once a starring vehicle for Bruce Willis, but has now morphed into a project for two other expendables, Sly and Arnold, and may be directed by Mikael Håfström (1408, Vendetta).

The timeline is kind of funky on this one, because this was actually a project Schwarzenegger was looking into before he took on The Stand, and then Stallone snatched it up. Even that didn’t work immediately because of Sly’s schedule, so it’s sat in limbo with Håfström in the wings considering the project up till now. As everyone gets synched up and things look to be moving ahead, that’s when Arnold looks back into the film as a possible co-star with Stallone. Nobody has signed anything, and Arnold theoretically has Black Sands starting a little too soon to make this easy, but it’s an arrangement that’s definitely being talked over.

Hell, if they get it all figured out, maybe Bruno will sneak his way back in…

Would you rather see another solo project for Arnold, or another pairing with his old buddy?

AICN (via /Film)