The trailer for David Fincher’s new film, Zodiac, is on the web. Click here to see it.

I would tell you what I thought about this trailer, but after trying to watch it three times and having it turn into a narrated slideshow each time, I gave up. I’ll wait for the Quicktime. I’m on a pretty clear T1 here, and I still can’t get a decent viewing experience from this trailer, all because the big sites like Yahoo have to use their own special streaming format. Are they afraid it’ll get yoinked by someone else? Guess what – it will anyway! When a trailer premieres in an unfriendly format – and at a small size – all the studio is doing is leaving people out. Stupid.

Zodiac was all set for January, but Paramount recently moved it back to March. It’s interesting to see the ad campaign starting up because the question has long been how do you sell a three-hour movie based on a real life serial killer case where they never caught the killer? The story has no natural climax – but it does have a killer cast, including Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal.