haven’t even had Christmas 2006 and already the 2007 holiday movies are strutting their stuff. Thankfully the ’07 Christmas film that’s running a teaser happens to be one I’m actually looking forward to: Fred Claus.

It’s about Santa Claus’ brother Fred, played by Vince Vaughn. The teaser is exclusive to MySpace and looks like something shot just for this purpose, but it gives you a real sense of the chemistry between Vaughn and the actor who plays his holly jolly sibling – Paul Giamatti. Giamatti seems great in the role (Vaughn seems to be playing another Vince Vaughn character – same old, same old, but it’s a good old), and the way the two interact sort of reminds me of how Vaughn and Favreau were in their films together. Vaughn’s an actor who needs a foil, and it looks like Giamatti might just be up to the task.

Click here to watch the teaser.