If my memory of a movie I haven’t seen since it was in theaters holds, it took a 5-year trip through space for Sam Worthington and his space Marine buddies to make it to Pandora from Earth. According to producer Jon Landau (who pretty much just produces Cameron’s epics, it seems) it turns out that just such a trip across lightyears of space would be a faster way to return to Pandora than waiting for Avatar 2 and 3 (supposedly going to be shot back-to-back), which could be another four years off. There’s not any more information about the progress of pre-production or anything, just the suggestion that an additional four years sit between now and release.

This bit comes second-hand from a Bloody-Disgusting reporter attending a Titanic 3D preview, but frankly it doesn’t seem that unlikely. A late 2015/2016 release would jibe with the time Cameron appears to be taking before jumping back into hardcore production on the mo-cap film. He’s stated numerous time that he wants to push the technology yet again, and he’ll have to set his sights pretty far since 3D is now widely exploited and Peter Jackson has already hopped on his high frame rate bandwagon before he’s even had a chance. He’ll surely shoot Avatar 2/3 at 60fps rather than The Hobbit‘s 48fps, but that’s not exactly a flashy step forward.

I’m guessing this new four year extension is for James to plunge farther into the Optic Nerve Expropriation technology he’s been working on. It’s about time somebody just started beaming their shitty stories directly into our brain stems.

Do you think Avatar might have lost some of its heat five or six years out from its original release? Or will that just create all the more fondness in hearts, and help it make even more money than ever before?

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