I’ve been wanting to do this for a few days now, but there’s stuff I know I’m forgetting. This is right off the top of my head and really deserves some attention.

First one I have to thank Klintron at Technoccult for (once again) turning me onto something grand. I’ve said it before – best home page on the ‘nets. This time he posted a link to this video a couple of weeks ago – the gas masks drew my attention and the music hooked me. But the more I watched this the more amazed I was (and still am) at some of what the performers are doing with their bodies. Filmed in my old home town on top of it, on my beloved El. The artist for the tune, B’zwax has a bandcamp site here where you can buy this tune and check out others. Fantastic!!!


I don’t even know how I came across this but based on the massive awesomeness of this song Purity Ring is a group (?) to watch. Shades of Massive Attack circa Mezzanine, which is always a good thing.


Insanity, pure and simple. This band also has a host of other GREAT stuff on the youtubes, check that out as well.


Perhaps not as overlooked as the others, but I never heard a word about the release of this album. 2008’s Scroobius Pip Vs. Dan Le Sac yielded what was one of my favorite tracks of the previous decade (linked below for your viewing/listening enjoyment) and if this is any indication, the new album – which shamefully I have not purchased yet – will be on the same level.

This past Saturday night my wife and I had a wonderful evening sitting around and listening to the radio! No, really. I’m not talking about performances of “The Shadow” or Paul Harvey’s one man “On Golden Pond” revival – living in Los Angeles we have one of the best NPR stations, KCRW and it’d been a while, so we hunkered in, caught most of Liza Richardson’s set, all of Henry Rollins set – which is ALWAYS amazing; the man is so charmingly in complete and utter love with music that his shows are just a blast, and he ALWAYS turns me on to new stuff. But the real gem came after Rollins, during Jason Kramer’s set*, when he played “El Chupakabar” by Zun Zun Egui, a band I know absolutely NOTHING about. That’s begun to change. I couldn’t find “El Chup” on the youtube, but this song is equally as impressive and is titled in a manner that long time readers here will recognize as endearing to me.

Enjoy and support indie music!!!


** However we punked before main man Mario Koto’s set from midnight to three AM. Damn! Koto’s is always the best and ALL of these shows can be streamed online from anywhere in the world folks, so if you gots some time, dig in!!! http://www.kcrw.com/