Yep, here to report that earlier today I lost a fight against a swimming pool light. While brawling with a couple of my younger cousins (who are getting way too big for my liking) I managed to kick a light stuck in one side of the pool. Didn’t think anything of it even though it hurt but hell, cause who hasn’t stubbed their toe? But the pinkie toe on my left foot is now purple and about twice the size of the one on the right. It’s got all the classic symptoms… swelling, hurts to bend, and best of all, makes little creaks and cracks when you move it around. Swell! It has also given me the frightening superpower of THE GIMP WALK.
I’m downing ibuprofen and have it all taped up (just like a doctor would do!) and it’s at this moment that I realize it’s the first bone I’ve broken in my life. It’s kinda scary…. because I have a hard time thinking of anyone who hasn’t broken something at one point. Have I been playing it safe all my life?

But no, I used to climb tall things things and run around like a madman all my childhood, and my years and years of going to hardcore and metal shows sure didn’t keep me safe from possibly breaking a nose or leg (trust me, it’s more common than you’d like to know). But my first bone break is my little toe? Pretty lame.

But there’s also the fact that most of the scars I have on my body came from doing stupid things as a child. There’s the one on the chin I have from running down a carpeted hallway pushing a metal fire truck, and slipping. The one I have from going too fast in a rocking chair and cracking my head open on the corner of a dresser (literally, rocking too hard). The tooth I cracked after falling down a flight of stairs in middle school. And now my goddamn pinkie toe.

Ah well. I could always make up a good story about it. Possibly about saving a child and/or old lady from the gaping death jaws of some ferocious creature with absolutely no concern for my well being.

In other, better news, the plans for our next screening at Hell Gate Social is coming together. Next Sunday we’re going to be showing Lamberto Bava’s classic Demons! Come buy me a drink for my pain!